As a producer of laboratory platforms in Iran, Behrad Sanat-e-Pasargadtechno-engineering company (BSP) is currently pursuing the design, production, and installation of major laboratory projects in accordance with international standards. BSP has the privilege to play a constructive role in science advancement, research, and academic center improvement by designing and manufacturing mobile laboratories. 
BSP enjoys the advantage of using specialized European-designed laboratory faucets (for water, gas, air, vacuum, etc.), the credit of producing laboratory shelves of MDF with anti-formic acid coating, and the ability to equip academic, research, and clinical centers, throughout the country with its enduring and stable products. 
With its experienced staff, BSP provides counseling, design, and installation in any laboratory-related platform project. In addition, the readily available customer service and support has obtained us the distinguished reputation of being among the best in the laboratory platform industry.

Products for research centers, universities, and hospitals
:: Mobile laboratories
:: Various shelves and cabinets for laboratory equipments and materials
:: Various medicine shelves and cabinets
:: Various wall-fixed shelves
:: Various underground shelves
:: Various chemical and microbiological extractor fans
:: Various scale and titration desks
:: Various one-sided and/or double-sided laboratory desks with coverings of anti-acid tiles, granite rocks, steel coatings, and etc